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Bear slow cooker porridge good should buy 2022!

Review of Bear slow cooker porridge is an important part to help Vietnamese mothers understand the information, characteristics, functions and convenience of the product before buying.

As you know, on the market today, there are many types of slow cookers, the functions are also extremely rich, making us not know which product to choose is the best.

Understand your needs and answer more questions for you. In today’s Bear porridge review article, I will evaluate this product in detail.
What is Bear slow cooker?

REVIEW] Nồi nấu cháo chậm Bear có tốt không? Giá bao nhiêu?

According to my research when I reviewed the Bear slow cooker, it is a product of the Bear Electric Company, which specializes in producing quality home appliances and is therefore trusted by many users.

The structure of the pot includes the shell, the core, the electric part for heating and the cooking control panel, so the design is compact and aesthetically pleasing, complementing other kitchen appliances.

The operating mechanism of the pot is also simple, as it is a waterproof pressure cooker that uses electrical energy to convert into heat to boil water and cook rice.

Is the Cub slow cooker good?

Many mothers are still wondering if this product is good and really suitable for your family, or even if you are looking at something like this. Of course, I will answer that for you.

To answer the above question, I will go through the pros and cons of this pot with you and review the Cub slow cooker to see if it is a product I should buy?


First of all, this pot is very easy to use, just add the ingredients, choose the right cooking mode, wait for the specified cooking time, and you will have a delicious dish.

The pan retains a lot of nutrients when the food is cooked

Specially, the pot has a timer for each type of dish to help ensure that you save time and effort and use the time spent cooking in the pot for other things.

The pot has a keep warm mode to ensure that food is hot during the day.

This pot will last a long time if you know how to take care of it.

The pot is reasonably priced and of high quality.

The downside is.

Can only cook some dishes, such as: stew, rice, soup, bird’s nest, porridge ……

Need to prepare the cooking process in advance, instant cooking is too late

There are many types of pots and pans, so mothers need to choose a pot with a capacity of one liter when buying to suit their cooking needs.

Features of the Cub slow cooker

Most of the features in the Bear porridge review are available in different capacities for the Bear slow cooker, as they share some of the main functions of the pot.

+ Stewing, steaming, porridge, cooking bird’s nest, keeping warm, …….

+ The pot has a timer function.

+ Keep warm function for food that is finished cooking but you don’t want to use immediately, very convenient.

Should I buy a Bear slow cooker?

For families with small children who want to save time when cooking, it seems to me that every family, especially mothers, want to make a delicious dish and still maintain all the nutrients. It is essential for children’s meals.

One should immediately have a Bear pot for themselves and their family, the pros and cons of which I have reviewed above in the Bear Slow Cooker Porridge Maker.

Mothers often feel unsafe when buying porridge and other dishes for their children outside.

Then mothers can rest easy when they have a Cub slow cooker, a pot that allows them to enjoy preparing dishes full of nutrients according to their baby’s tastes right at home. The house is very convenient.

Just put the ingredients in the pot, turn on the appropriate cooking mode, and in a very short time moms can have a delicious dish.

What is the price of the Little Bear Slow Cooker Porridge Maker?

According to my research, the average price of one pot is not high, just mid-range, when reviewing the Little Bear Slow Cooker Porridge.

Only from VND400,000 to VND1,000,000, you can choose different capacities according to different models and needs without thinking too much.

Now I will introduce and review different capacities of Cub slow cooker to see if there is a suitable capacity for your family?

Reviewing the Bear Slow Cooker Porridge Maker

As far as I know, there are many different capacities of Cub slow cooker reviews, so if you don’t know which pot model to choose, here are the top 5 models with the most suitable capacity for many families for you to choose from. Survey.

1. Cub slow cooker 0.8L

This is a pot with a capacity of only 0.8L, but with up to 6 built-in functions, and is by far the best-selling pot model.


The pot is only 0.8L, so it is compact and easy to move around.

The pot has an easy-to-use control panel.

The lid is designed with see-through PC plastic, so you can see how the food is cooking.

The core is made of natural ceramic, which is resistant to high temperatures and heats the pot evenly.

The preset time is up to 9.5 hours.

This product makes low noise when cooking and will not disturb your sleep.

The pot has an anti-scalding handle design and a safety protection function when the water is used up.

The pot has up to 6 functions, such as steaming/boiling, stewing, cooking nutritious porridge for babies, cooking bird’s nest, cooking candy, and keeping warm.


The capacity of the pot is small, only 0.8 liters, so it can only cook small dishes for 1-2 people, and the pot is only suitable for cooking baby food.

Unable to cook dishes other than the six functions mentioned above.

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