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best selling gym wear for women 2022

Fitness is currently a new trend of young people. Gym training is not only a popular story among men, but women also love this topic. People often go to the gym with the desire to improve their body, get a toned and healthy body.

Therefore, having a special collection of gym clothes is very important. Training clothes will make you feel more comfortable than normal clothes during exercise. This article will help you discover a fitness suit that I deserve.

What is a women’s gym suit?

Gym is an acronym for “Gymnastics” which means “gym or gym for short”. This is where people go to improve their body. Gym helps you lose fat, gain weight, or just want to maintain a fit and healthy body. Gymnastics has become a very popular pastime of young people. Over time, it helps us to become better and more confident.

Gym suit is an outfit that supports the practitioner during exercise to help the practitioner feel comfortable, move, and control their movements easily.

1. The AMIN AM003 Women’s Yoga Mat has breathable fabric padding with 4-way lift at the waist.

The best choice you should buy

Outstanding benefits

Top 9 Địa chỉ bán quần áo tập gym ở TPHCM -

Material. 10% spandex makeup creates a four-way yoga wear that is comfortable to practice

– Color: 4 colors to choose from

– Size. S, M, L

– AMIN AM003 yoga mat is made of high quality material with good sweat absorption

The fabric is stretchy and breathable, helping to slim the figure for yoga and fitness exercises

– Soft and delicate stitching makes AMIN AM003 yoga mat more solid when practicing

– Fashionable design, excellent color matching, help you bring healthy beauty, personality and confidence

– AMIN AM003 women’s yoga clothes for women to practice yoga, gym, Zumba, aerobics, running, cycling, etc.

2. aerobic fitness wear, boxer shorts, Gladimax sports bra

A good choice for the next step

Outstanding advantages

– Can quickly absorb sweat, the fabric is soft and smooth

– Horizontal form design helps to lose weight and the wearer can do a lot of exercise movements

– Simple colors, but equally bright, youthful and eye-catching

– 4-way stretch sportswear stretch and absorb sweat, wrinkles, no abrasion, mechanical scratch

Table size.

40 – 48 Kg (Size: S)

49 – 54 Kg (Size: M)

55 – 59 Kg (Size: L)

60 – 64 Kg (Size: XL)

65 – 73 Kg (Size: XXL)

3. women’s training set, beautiful women’s yoga mat BGM32

Top 3

Outstanding advantages

– Material. Polyester blend spandex is breathable and keeps your body from sweating.

– Thick material, 4-way stretch, big kisses and compliments

– Women’s fitness mat, store-bought women’s yoga mat, simple and youthful design, dynamic and sexy, perfect for indoor or outdoor exercise, yoga…

+ Size S (41 ~ 46kg)

+ Size M (47 ~ 52kg)

+ Size L (53 ~ 57kg)

+ Size XL (57 ~ 62kg)

+ Size 2XL (62-67kg)

Note: Our store supports customers to change the size if it does not fit.

4. Pink women’s fitness wear for gym/yoga/beach at affordable prices

4 head

Outstanding advantages

Fabric. High quality 4-way stretch fabric, fast sweat absorption

– Cool and bright sexy mesh knit bra design, best for GYM YOGA

Nice and comfortable cotton workout wear to help you exercise easily

Store is clean. Tight fitting shirt with 2 layers of thick pants

– Feels light, breathable, soft, smooth and stretchy

– Clever shirt design hugs and supports and inspires the wearer

– Long body pants, hugging buttocks, corset best for women GYM YOGA

5. Women’s two-piece fitness wear – bra, pants

Top 5

Women’s 2-piece fitness wear – women’s fitness wear

Outstanding advantages

Set includes 01 bra + 01 pants

– Fabric. 4 elastic fabric professional sewing training clothes, fast sweat absorption

– Sporty, healthy, dynamic design

– Bra designed with foam padding, the lower part hugs the body and helps to better support the chest

– High-waisted pants that lift the hips, abdominal gel and help bodybuilders stay healthy and successful

– High-waisted pants are popular with women


– Shirt colors: black, pink, gray-blue and purple

– Pants colors: black, pink, gray-blue, cobalt blue and purple

Size (reference)

Size S (<44kg), M (44-47kg), L (47-52kg), XL (53-58kg), XXL (59-64kg)

6. Women’s fitness wear, sportswear, yoga, women’s aerobics, 2-layer T-shirt and shorts 6 heads Women’s fitness wear, sportswear, yoga, women’s aerobics, 2-layer T-shirt and shorts Outstanding advantages The main component is 4-way stretch polyester, which is extremely effective in absorbing sweat. (85% polyester and 15% polyurethane.) Minimalist design aids in weight loss and colorful text on the shirt creates a simple yet striking look. Ideal for physical activity, gym, yoga …… Wear at home or on the street. 2 layers of pants with a polyester outer layer and a flattering stretchy inner layer This set is very comfortable to wear 6 shirt colors and gray wheels Package includes. 1+ shirt and gray pants Form runs 1 size smaller than standard (choose L if you normally wear M). Women with larger hips and thighs should choose to increase the bust size S < 43 kg, M from 43-47 kg, L from 48-51 kg XL 52- 57 kg 2XL from 58 kg – 63 kg 7. Gym, women’s yoga set – bra with bow Top 7 outstanding advantages

Material: soft, light, high elasticity, good sweat absorption, detailed and firm seams, elegant bow ties on the back.

Designer goods, not imported from outside China

100% standard product

The pants create a very beautiful form, the shirt is made to suck, suck the whole, the customer does not need to wear an internal bra.

Size. SML

Color: black, cobalt blue, dark blue, purple blue, plum red, lotus pink, light pink, moss green, duck neck green, gray blue, charcoal blue.

The size chart below is for reference only and may not be accurate for all customers due to differences in body type and length. Please inbox you-length, round 2-3 for store size.

8. Women’s fitness set 3-piece|leggings, short-sleeved tops, 4-piece woven yoga tops

First 8

Women’s fitness suit 3-piece set|leggings, short-sleeved top, 4-piece woven yoga set SET03

Outstanding advantages

Women’s 3-piece fitness wear, leggings, short-sleeved top, women’s fitness wear, 4-piece woven yoga set

– If you are looking for a place to practice yoga GYM luxury, not sexy but high price.

– The design is simple and young, healthy


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