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Detailed information about bicycles and models

Cycling is a sport bike that is quite familiar to many people. However, for people in the North, this way of calling a bicycle is a bit strange. So what exactly is a racing bike and what features does it have, how to own a quality product? Please refer to the information right in the article below to get answers to the problem of cycling and basic information about cycling!


1. What is Cycling?

Cycling is a popular name among Southerners for racing bicycles. Race bike is also known as racing bike or Road Bike. In the past, racing bikes were often used by riders in professional and semi-professional cycling races. When sports bicycles have not been introduced to Vietnam, we often only see racing bicycles through TV and radio.

Nên đạp xe bao lâu và bao nhiêu km một ngày? | Vinmec

After a few years in the Vietnamese market, racing bikes are now very popular and used by many people, not only professional cyclists. Currently, people use bicycles as a means of transportation and as a useful training tool on nice, flat, paved roads.

2. structure of racing bicycle

A road bike or other sports bike is made up of many different parts and accessories. Specifically for bicycles that are:

2.1 Bicycle frame

The bicycle frame is usually made of aluminum alloy or carbon because it is light and ensures the riding speed. Normally, the bicycle frame is usually horizontal in structure, and the saddle is higher than the handlebars. The bicycle frame must be aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance so that the bicycle can move at a higher speed.

2.2 Saddle

Bicycle saddles are usually built higher than the handlebars. This design may be uncomfortable for the rider at first glance, but for longer rides and distance of the vehicle, this design creates comfort.

2.3 Wheels

The wheel of a road bike is usually quite slim, also the number of spokes (rods) is less than a mountain bike. In addition, the rims are often concave deeper and narrower to ensure the factor when the dynamics helps to reduce wind resistance.

2.4 Tires

The tires of road bikes also have a slimmer design, much more compact than a mountain bike or a hybrid bike. The width of road bike tires is usually between 25 mm and 18 mm to reduce contact with the road as much as possible. This factor helps to make the car go faster on flat roads. However, their disadvantage is that they slip easily on slippery roads and are prone to punctures when driving on uneven roads.

2.5 Steering wheel and brake

Road bikes often have handlebars that are curved downward like the horn of a goat or the wings of a butterfly. This curved handlebar provides a crouched posture that is not only comfortable, but also reduces drag, allowing the rider to progress faster and with less effort.

The brake section is designed to curve towards the steering wheel. This creates a sense of comfort and convenience while driving. Most importantly, such a car brake gives the driver precise handling and good speed control while driving.

2.6 Chain system

A road bike usually has a chain consisting of two sprockets with a radius of 53/39 cm, or there are bikes that use a pair of 50/34 cm sprockets (for better climbing). In addition, there are now many cars equipped with a 3-disc system, offering more choice and variety in riding modes. Usually, 3-disc chains add a very small rim disc, which is effective when driving in windy and stormy weather.

The current multi-disc system belongs to the bikes equipped with Campagnolo shifting with 11 cassettes, such as Sava X5, Sava Storm, … Of Sava upper class bicycles.

3. should you buy a cheap bike?

Cheap bikes and high-end bikes have almost the same design such as curved handlebars, high saddles, thin tires, … They differ only in frame material, gear and a technology in the car. This difference is noticeable both in riding speed and cost.

Popular cheap bike models on the market today are real imports of famous brands like Life, Sava racing bikes, all of which have guaranteed quality, has a full warranty card with the warranty period in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations. So if you are a person with normal income and want to own a nice bicycle, you can choose the imported bicycle products from Life bicycle company, such as: Life Super 33 bicycle, Life Super 328,…

Above is the basic information about the road bike that you can refer to if you are not sure about this sports bike. The following information will help you choose the right road bike.


On the sports bike market is very diverse, users have many choices of different styles and quality. So with the top 8 best sports bikes today, how to choose the most suitable bike. Together with Bikeboy, refer to the following bike selection:

How to choose a bike

1. choose according to your needs

The road bike line is developed into different types of bikes with structural characteristics. At the same time, it also serves the needs of cycling, practicing,.


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