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Find out how many types of electric motorbikes Vinfast have

The current electric motorbikes are no longer strange to people because of its outstanding features. When it comes to electric motorbikes, one cannot help but mention Vinfast – one of the most prominent electric motorcycles on the electric motorcycle market today. So why is this Vinfast electric vehicle so “favored” and what types of electric motorcycles are attracting the most attention. Let’s find out with us now

Why are Vinfast electric motorbikes more and more popular and diverse on the market today?

VinFast ra mắt 2 dòng xe máy điện mới - Báo Người lao động

Vinfast electric motorcycles are becoming more and more popular in the Vietnamese market. The main reason is Vinfast’s price, quality and excellent after-sales service policy.

Vinfast electric motorcycles are the best priced in the current electric motorcycle market. Compared to the diversity of quality and models, the price of Vinfast electric motorcycles is much higher than the price of floating electric motorcycles of unknown origin in the market. vinfast electric motorcycles are fully functional and have the same driving performance as gasoline powered motorcycles. Prices range from VND15 million to VND30 million, depending on the model, design and performance. Its.

Besides reasonable price, quality is also an important factor to attract and retain customers. Vinfast vehicles delivered to customers are characterized by quality based on the strictest standards. the thickness of Vinfast chassis and steel parts are the same size and thickness as those of ordinary gasoline motorcycles, so it has a very high load capacity. The wiring is an essential part of the vehicle and Vinfast has carefully calculated the layout and connections to ensure safety during operation and to avoid electric shock, fire and explosion. this system of VinFast is neatly routed, the connections are carefully connected with waterproof and insulated jacks and thoroughly tested before delivery to the consumer.

Vinfast’s maintenance and customer support policy is also a major strength of Vinfast. As one of the largest brands in the Vingroup, Vinfast always strives to maintain high standards and good customer service. When customers have problems with their electric motorcycles, they are quickly assisted in solving those problems. VinFast is currently an electric motorcycle company with one of the best warranty policies on the market, with a 3 year or 30,000 km warranty, free repairs for 3 years, and many charging stations throughout the country.

Should I buy a Vinfast electric motorcycle?

With the above great features, Vinfast electric motorcycle is indeed one of the car brands worth your money and experience. vinfast is a Vietnamese electric motorcycle brand, so liking Vinfast electric motorcycle is also a way to help Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods.

The outstanding features of Vinfast electric motorcycles are not inferior to imported electric motorcycles, and they have more advantages because they are more diverse and elegant in models, colors and designs. And very “stylish”

Vinfast is also very affordable for most Vietnamese people, so everyone can easily own this high quality vehicle.

Some models of Vinfast electric motorcycles

Vinfast electric motorcycles are available in very diverse models to meet the needs and preferences of many people. The colors and designs are also very elegant, neat and comfortable to use for Asian people. Let’s take a look at some of the models that are “popular” at Vinfast

VinFast Klara electric motorcycle WILL

VinFast Klara S electric motorcycle is one of Vinfast’s premium models. Equipped with 1200W Bosch motor, it is durable and quiet.

2 of today’s most advanced LG CHEM lithium batteries. The VinFast Klara S electric motorcycle also has excellent water resistance and other features that allow the vehicle to operate even after being immersed in 0.5 meters of water for about 30 minutes.

As a smart electric motorcycle model, the VinFast Klara S is also equipped with an eSIM, making it easier for owners to search and manage the vehicle’s operational status, locate the vehicle via a mobile app, and prevent it from being lost.

VinFast Theon electric motorcycle

Along with Feliz, Theon is one of the two newest products in the VinFast electric motorcycle segment. Aimed at the high-end automotive segment, the bonded car and the integrated technology on the car are also in the best line.

The dimensions of the bike are 2,006 x 800 x 1,255 (mm) in length x width x height, similar to the Honda SH. The seat height is 780 mm, the car uses an electronic screen and displays all the necessary information for travel, details of the vehicle, there are two corresponding battery columns.

The car is also equipped with some modern technologies such as the smart key, which controls the car via cell phone.

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