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Learn all about air fryers

Air fryer is a product that has been on the market for a few years but is gradually becoming popular in Vietnamese families. Let’s find out all the information about the oil-free fryer through the article below!
In order to meet the needs of a clean, healthy life and minimize grease, an oil-free fryer was officially born, helping your family minimize the amount of oil used when preparing food. However, not everyone is knowledgeable about the oil-free fryer, so why don’t you immediately follow the shares below to have more complete information about this “trending” product.

1 What is an air fryer?

Những lỗi thường gặp phải khi sử dụng nồi chiên không dầu

Oil-free fryers appeared in Vietnam around mid-2014 and are also known as vacuum fryers that use heat to cook food without using cooking oil, which is good for health and minimizes the risk of injury. Cooking oil and grease are spilled.

Frying food in an oil-free fryer helps to even out and dry the food.

Air fryers work on the principle of vacuum frying where electricity is transferred to a heating pot (methow wire), this wire converts electrical energy into heat combined with a convection cooling fan to help cook all sides of the product evenly with hot air rather than oil.

2 Benefits of air fryers

Can cook many dishes. Helps housewives to easily prepare not only fried foods but also many other dishes such as: drying food, drying fruits, grilling, making cakes, pizzas ……

Minimize the use of oil in cooking. If you are afraid that your food is too greasy, using an air fryer is a good option.

Oil-free fryers use technology that helps you reduce the risk of overweight, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure by using no cooking oil, or very little oil, when cooking food …… In addition, the oil-free fryer is designed to filter out odors and smoke, and the food always remains fragrant and smoke-free after cooking.

The design of the pan is luxurious and compact. The compact oil-free fryer does not take up kitchen space, while the luxurious colors are white and black, making your kitchen space more elegant and tasteful.

Easy to clean. The oil-free fryer helps you maximize your cleaning time, and you can disassemble it for easy and quick cleaning.

In addition to these advantages, air fryers have some limitations, such as. The cost is higher than an oven or grill. In addition, when you choose to process dry foods, such as fruits, seafood, fish and meat, …… but you do not control the proper time, the food can easily burn.

3 Outstanding technology for air fryers

Air heating technology

Heating RUSH (Rapid Air). Forming a fast airflow, 1 airflow goes directly to the food and the other airflow goes along the 2 sides of the bottom of the pan and reflects back, helping to cook the food with hot air, cooking the food evenly and tasty inside and out.

Turbo Star. A vortex-like structure at the bottom where the hot airflow formed from the top affects the food directly, helping to cook the food evenly without turning over.

Double Turbo Star. A fan-shaped structure at the bottom, a star-shaped tray that reflects hot air down from the top. In addition to cooking food, this technology helps remove fat, separating and collecting excess fat up to 90%.

Resistance Heating Technology

The heat stick vibrates and heats up, radiating heat around the pan, making the food crisp from the inside out and helping it become golden and crispy without any grease.

4 Air Fryer Capacity

The capacity of an air fryer is usually from 1200 W – 2200 W. The larger the pan, the more power is used. In addition, the power consumed depends on each ingredient, for example. The cost of frying beef and pork is about 500W; the maximum power consumption for french fries will be about 660W.

5 Other features and benefits of air fryer

Other features and conveniences of the air fryer

Convection fan. Attaches directly to the inside of the air fryer to help cook food evenly from the inside out, while saving power and cooking time.

There is a timer mode. You simply press the timer button and when the food is cooked, the air fryer automatically turns off the power and even has an alarm so you can take advantage of the cooking while you do other things.

There is an oil separator, frying pan. Limiting what burns is safe for your health, and you can separate them for easy cleaning.

Touch screen. Easy to adjust with just a touch.

Heat-insulated plastic handle. Makes it safer to use without worrying about burns.

6 Capacity – Price

The price of air fryers in the market today is very diverse, ranging from VND600,000 to 8 million, depending on the capacity and brand.

For example. a 5-liter pot can fry about 1 kg of beef, ribs, potatoes …… The price is about VND700,000 to VND5.5 million; a pot of 5 liters or more can fry half a chicken up to 1.2 kg; 1.2 kg of ribs …… Price is about VND 1.7 million.

7 Difference between air fryer and electric oven/grill

The difference between oil-free fryer

Air fryer. Used for frying small foods, drying, baking, and cooking only by the heat emitted from the heating wire. Food baked in a greaseless fryer is not as tasty as using an oven, but it helps minimize fat. The pan is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Oven: You can bake large foods, such as whole chickens, and the food cooked is delicious because it is grilled on top, bottom, and double heat. However, when cleaning, it is difficult to disassemble the parts for cleaning. The price is high and the product is up to VND18,000,000.

Electric grill. Replaces the traditional grill, heat is transferred directly to the cooking plate, but the food is easily burnt and greasy.

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