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Modern Unicor M6700BK Electronic Door Lock, Good Price

M6700BK is the code of the most modern and advanced Unicor fingerprint door lock today. This product is highly appreciated by experts both in terms of external appearance and internal quality. Owning a compact design, with a convenient handle, the device helps users to unlock the device simply and quickly. At the same time, integrated with a variety of unlocking features, the Unicor M6700BK lock also ensures effective and safe protection for human living space.

Product Description Information:

Product name: Unicor fingerprint door lock M6700BK

Model: M6700BK

Brand: Unicor

Made in Korea


Features. Unlock with fingerprint, password, copy-proof mechanical key, and extend remote control function by remote control.

Structure, extended functionality.

Uses modern live-scan fingerprint recognition technology for fast and absolutely accurate user identification.

Unicor M6700BK electronic lock integrates many security protection mechanisms, such as: virtual code to prevent data copying, low battery warning, anti-static shock, high temperature alarm (>70 degrees Celsius),…

With the ability to memorize 100 fingerprints and 3 passwords, this product can be flexibly applied to many types of projects from residential houses to companies, apartments, and offices.

Using a DC1.5v power supply and 4 AA batteries, users can be assured of stable and effective use of the product for many months in a row.

Because the design supports a backup mini-USB charging port, homeowners don’t need to worry too much when the device runs out of power. This is because this part will help the user to charge it quickly and safely. Ensure that the lock works properly and effectively.

Made and manufactured with dimensions of 82 mm (W) x 313 mm (H) x 22.5 mm (D), this product is suitable for installation on doors with a thickness of 3.8 mm and a width of 11 mm or more.

Color: black and gray

Price: Unicor M6700BK electronic door lock is sold at Mia Lock Enterprise in Vietnam at a discounted price of only VND5,600,000/product.

Samsung electronic lock SHP-DH538MU/EN genuine product with high quality

SHP-DH538MU/EN is the famous Samsung fingerprint lock series in the market. The products are designed and manufactured according to the modern technology line in Korea. With a famous national brand, users can be assured of quality value. As well as excellent security and long-term durability.

Product description information.

Product name: Samsung fingerprint door lock SHP-DH538MU/EN

Model. SHP-DH538MU/EN

Brand. Samsung

Made in Korea

Features. Unlock with fingerprint, password and spare mechanical key.

Construction, extended functionality.

Samsung SHP-DH538MU/EN fingerprint lock is made of super durable and sturdy alloy material. Guaranteed to provide maximum impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Designed with outer body dimensions of 320 x 81.9 x 66.8mm and inner body dimensions of 290 x 79 x 80.3mm (width x height x thickness), the product is easy to construct and suitable for installation on a variety of iron doors and gates. Office, apartment, company, townhouse wood…

Featuring modern capacitive fingerprint technology, this lock can identify users based on unique personal factors. As a result, the Samsung SHP-DH538MU/EN lock ensures absolute and secure security.

By using a 4-12 digit password sequence, users can be more assured of data copy protection.

In addition, using a power supply with 4 AA alkaline batteries and DC 6V power supply, the Samsung fingerprint lock can run continuously and stably for many months or 1 year.

Color: Black Bronze

Price. Samsung SHP-DH538MU/EN electronic door lock is priced at VND6,300,000/product at Mia Lock Vietnam.

Xingfa Viro Smart Lock 4in1 VR-S30B High quality and modern

Viro Smart Lock 4in1 VR-S30B is an electronic lock commonly used for Xing Fa’s aluminum doors. The product is designed and manufactured with an extremely compact and modern profile. It is suitable for installation and application in a wide range of projects, such as: residential houses, offices, companies, administrative buildings, etc. Not only that, as with the traditional pull structure, the digital display on the screen is clear and the user can also operate the unlocking process simply and easily without much time and effort.

Product description information.

Product name. Fingerprint door lock Xingfeiwei Luo smart lock VR-S30B

Model. VR-S30B

Brand. Vero Smart

Place of origin: Italy

Features:. Unlock with fingerprint, password, special magnetic card and copy-proof mechanical key.

Construction, extended functionality.

The Xingfa Viro Smart Lock VR-S30B is made of super durable and strong 304 stainless steel. This material is very resistant to corrosion and rust.

Designed with a standard size of 280mm x 38mm (H x W), this product is suitable for installation on doors with a thickness of 30mm and a width of 55mm or more.

Xingfa Viro smart lock VR-S30B fingerprint lock is compact and easy to use, suitable for installation on various steel core plastic doors, iron doors, Xingfa aluminum doors, etc.

In addition, this electronic door lock is heat resistant from -20ºC to 70ºC and humidity from 10% to 95%, so it is also resistant to all environments.

Color: Black, Silver, Gold

Price. Currently, Xing Fa Viro Smart Lock 4in1 VR-S30B electronic door lock set is sold by Mia Lock Vietnam at a promotional price of only VND 4.9 million per product.


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