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Note to choose sockets with quality construction materials

The quality of the materials that make up the smart electrical outlet is a very important point, deciding the life of electronic devices and the safety of your family. Because, normally, the plastics used in civil use have high flammability properties. However, quality products from reputable manufacturers will all use flame retardant plastic to ensure maximum safety for users.

Therefore, when choosing an external power outlet to choose a reputable brand, you should also consider the construction material. Sockets that have an unpleasant plastic smell should be avoided because they are often poor quality plastic.

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If you have small children at home, you should also give preference to outlet models with covers to avoid hazards.

Check the safety mode and the ability to automatically cut off when the power is overloaded or there is a problem

The ability to automatically cut off power when there is a problem is a prominent advantage of smart outlets and a prerequisite to ensure safety during use.

In addition, the automatic power off also lets you know about problems with the power supply and electrical devices in the house. As a result, you can make a plan in time to avoid damage and waste.

If you buy it directly, you can test this feature in the store first. Or if you choose to buy online, you can ask the dealer about the warranty and outlet features.

Above, Mogivi blog has compiled and shared useful information about smart power outlets. We hope the above information will make it easier for you to learn, select and use this convenient outlet.

Product surface inspection

Switches are not only electrical devices, but also decorative items in the home. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a color that matches the color palette of your house’s décor and to inspect the product’s surface to ensure that it is free from scratches, dirt or yellowing. This brings synchronicity and unity and helps to enhance the beauty of the home space.


Pay attention to the sound when opening/closing the switch

The sound of a switch is closely related to the construction of the switch. A strong, crisp, unobstructed sound indicates a well-constructed device of high quality. Switches with unclear sound, slow operation and interrupted state in between will have a high risk of electric shock and will not guarantee the safety of the user during use.

Pay attention to the load condition of the switch

At the moment when the device starts, the execution current is larger and the performance of the switch is required to be higher. The larger the load, the more power the device can carry and the higher the safety performance. Conventional switches and sockets carry a current of 10 A. Large appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators should use products with a load of 16 A.

Check the product material

The material of the product has a great influence on the life of the product. If the material of the product is not detailed and the quality is not guaranteed, it will affect the product’s service life, installation and maintenance cost, and vice versa. Currently, well-known brands in the market tend to choose PC plastic, ABS, high-grade stainless steel, tempered glass …… and other materials to produce socket switch products. These materials have the characteristics of impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and long-term dirt resistance.

Contact material of socket switches

The contacts of a good switch are made of silver alloy material, which can effectively reduce the arc (short circuit caused by the discharge process) effectively. When the switch is pressed, we can all hear the sound from the contacts, which is produced by two metal pieces or metal spheres. If the contacts are not secure enough, they can easily arc and cause a short circuit in the switch, which is very dangerous. High quality switches usually use silver-cadmium contacts, which can have instantaneous overcurrent protection and can suppress very strong arcing. Poor quality switches, which use silver-plated copper or iron contacts, cut corners and pose a high safety risk.

Product Life – Reasonable Guarantee

Each product has a different lifespan due to the different construction and materials of the components. The longer a product lasts, the longer it will last. Only products from reputable brands come with such a guarantee. Therefore, it is necessary to know the life span and warranty of the product when choosing to buy an outlet switch.

These are important considerations to help customers choose a quality outlet switch. With over 100 years of research and manufacturing of electrical equipment, Simon has introduced many European standard socket switches in a variety of models and types. To learn more about the products

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