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Marc Jacobs is a fairly prominent perfume brand with the longest-lasting, most classy women’s fragrances. Prominent in the perfume collections from Marc Jacobs is the Perfect line for women.

Perfect is a blend of rhubarb, daffodils, and warm almonds. This is a suitable perfume line to use in all occasions because it is a gentle, long-lasting female fragrance.


La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal, from the French women’s fragrance brand Lancôme, stands out with its unique scent among countless options in the world perfume market.

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This is a fresh fragrance collection for sunny days, with ingredients from white flowers, mandarin, ylang-ylang, vanilla and coconut. If you get the chance to use La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal EDP, you will leave an impressive signature in the crowd.

Banana Republic’s Black Cherry and Amber

A great choice for an evening party or cocktail party, Black Cherry and Amber by Banana Republic will not disappoint long-time followers of the truly feminine fragrance with its addictive scent.

Black Cherry and Amber is created from the scent of juicy black cherry and soft pink freesia. In addition, Banana Republic uses warm notes of Praline and golden cedar to keep the scent going for a long time.

Yves Saint Laurent “Paris” Intense Eau de Toilette

From the cult brand Yves Saint Laurent, the prestige of the long-lasting feminine fragrance here has captured the hearts of seductive female perfume lovers.

Mon Paris Intensément EDP has been likened to a bouquet of fresh and fragrant roses. Composed of cassis, rose and white musk, Mon Paris has reached the top of the global perfume map for long-wearing feminine fragrances.

. Narciso Rodriguez for her Pure Musk Eau de Toilette

Narciso Rodriguez recently launched the popular Pure Musc EDP fragrance line, which has been gaining attention from women due to its impressive woody floral and musky scent. In addition, this fragrance from the house of Narciso Rodriguez is combined with jasmine and orange blossom for added freshness.

In addition, Pure Musc EDP also marks when it has base notes of cashmere, amber and patchouli to make any long-lasting feminine fragrance last all day.

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Narciso Rodriguez succeeds in conquering customers with the Pure Musc EDP collection

” Brand. Narciso Rodriguez

” Country of origin: ” United States

” Price: 100 USD (about VND 2.4 million)

” Aroma group. Floral Woody Musk

14. Philosophy Magical Grace Magnolia Perfume

If you are looking for a long-lasting fragrance at an affordable price, then Philosophy Amazing Grace Magnolia EDP is the best choice.

Created from the primary scent of wood and flowers, it is very sophisticated and elegant, and it will help the user of Amazing Grace Magnolia to be more emotionally optimistic and full of positive energy.

This is why it is known as a long-lasting eau de parfum for women from the house of Philosophy.

Brand. Philosophy

” Origin. United States

” Price: $62 (about VND1.4 million)

” Fragrance group. Floral

15. Harmonist Moon Glory Perfume

Launched in 2020, Moon Glory perfume for long-lasting women is quite popular for its natural essential oil ingredients such as pikachu, cactus flower and ylang-ylang. Harmonist Moon Glory is a top choice for top genuine long lasting feminine fragrances.

The scent of Moon Glory belongs to feminine fragrances and is quite pleasant for the user. Although Moon Glory has only a mild fragrance, it is very attractive and can dispel anxiety and depression.

15 Lasting, Best Selling Female Perfume Bottles Around the World – Photo 16

The Harmonist Moon Glory perfume has been storming the market for women who prefer long-lasting eau de toilette.

” Brand. The Harmonist

” Country of origin. France

” Price: $80 (about VND2 million)

” Fragrance Group. Floral


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