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RAYBAN glasses

Average price: From 2,550,000 to 6,000,000 VND.

Rayban eyewear is a long-standing American eyewear brand. Their eyewear lines are always sought after by customers with modern designs, always leading the trends.

High-quality materials that Rayban brand men’s glasses use such as: carbon fiber frames, titanium alloys … Helps prevent UV rays, eliminate glare … bring high usefulness to users.

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Rayban with stylish men’s glasses design

The famous collections of Rayban eyewear cannot be ignored such as: Aviator-style men’s glasses, Rayban Wayfarer … helping them reach a wide range of customers and create their own value for the brand.

Kính Mát Nam Thời Trang, Kiểu Dáng Mắt Kính Vuông Lịch Lãm - Phân Cực Chống  Tia UV Siêu Tốt, Gọng K��nh Polycarbonate Cao Cấp Siêu Bền, Siêu Nhẹ -  Phong Cách


Average price. From 3,500,000 to 10,000,000 VND.

Porsche is a premium brand that is too famous in the world in the field of cars. In addition, in the field of fashion in general and eyewear in particular, Porsche also holds an important place in the hearts of fashion lovers.

Porsche men’s eyewear is often mentioned together with words such as “classic” and “powerful”. Indeed, in addition to being made from the finest materials, each Porsche eyewear model has a sporty, powerful design.

Take, for example, the P8000 glass model from Porsche Design. This is a high-end line of Porsche eyewear for men that is desired by many people around the world for its minimalist, powerful and attractive design.


Average price. From VND5,000,000 to VND10,000,000.

Prada is one of the major brands in the world of fashion. Their eyewear always has its own brand characteristics that are impeccable.

The highlight of Prada is to offer 2 different design styles for many different customers. The first is a glass style with a modern design but still retaining classic features. The second is a dynamic design aimed at sports enthusiasts.


Average price. From VND3,000,000 to VND7,000,000

When we think of Mercedes-Benz, we tend to immediately think of high-end, luxury cars. However, the brand’s eyewear collection is also what makes men fall in love with the style, modernity and class it brings.

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Elegant and stylish black Mercedes-Benz glasses

Mercedes-Benz eyeglasses for men are equipped with high quality materials. They bring superb practicality and protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.

In addition, the young, sporty and stylish design of Mercedes-Benz sunglasses will provide users with a distinctive and attractive style.

Dale Eyewear

Average price. From VND4,000,000 to VND20,000,000.

Dior is a famous eyewear brand in the world because it is expensive, classy and youthful. Dior men’s eyewear collection always makes users aspire to have.

Dior men’s eyewear has many different designs with youthful, individual and dynamic trends. Their eyewear styles can be combined with different outfits when going to a party, walking down the street or traveling …… It’s all very good.

Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Eyewear Brands Photo 10

Dior fashionable and personalized eyewear models

In addition to the diversity and great design, Dior men’s eyewear has been trusted by users for its quality, which helps protect the eyes from bad light.

As you can see, although they are a bit expensive, Dior men’s glasses bring an extremely great value. Perfect for men to buy right away for their fashionable eyewear collection.

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