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The Most Popular Soundproof Doors Today

1. Choosing soundproof doors for townhouses

1.1 Insulated aluminum bridge door

This is a type of noise-proof soundproof door that is very interested and noticed by everyone, especially for large projects, buildings or hotels, resorts … It is produced by soundproof materials. same perfect.

On the other hand, insulated aluminum doors have 40% heat resistance and 32% heat retention ability. That helps keep houses and buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
As a type of aluminum door with profile with soundproof insulation bridge is Polyamide with extremely effective noise resistance that no other product can compare. On the other hand, it is rated to have good resistance to all sound and heat transmission. In addition, this is a very durable and sturdy product over time. However, this type of door is currently not used much in Vietnam because of its relatively high cost.

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Xingfa aluminum doors have sound and heat insulation properties

Xingfa aluminum door has sound and heat insulation performance

Xingfa aluminum door has sound insulation and heat insulation performance, which is incomparable to the bridge aluminum door model. However, now in the market, it is very popular and chosen by many families. Because it not only has beautiful and modern design, but also has good heat and sound insulation effect. In addition, the price of Xingfa Aluminum door is cheaper than the broken aluminum.

1.2 Soundproof glass door

Soundproof glass is also known as box glass. And it is made of 2 or more layers of glass joined together. The glass layers will be separated by aluminum spacers with moisture-absorbing particles inside. The outer layer will be glued to the glass layer and the aluminum profile.

Choosing Acoustic Doors for Townhouses

Acoustic glass is also known as protective glass

The desiccant particles will have the function of absorbing all the air layers inside. This creates a layer of dry air, which serves the purpose of effectively preventing heat transfer. The outstanding advantage of this type of glass door is that it is very difficult to break. Moreover, if it breaks, it will not cause damage to the user.

1.3 Plastic door with steel core

This door type also has a fairly good sound insulation effect. It reduces the audio transmission by 33db (dexiben ). In the sound of traffic on the street, the sound level is equivalent to 85 db. Therefore, with the steel core plastic door, this sound is reduced to only 52 db, which is equivalent to a normal conversation.

Beautiful steel core plastic door

Beautiful steel core plastic doors

Aesthetically speaking, steel core plastic doors are comparable to Xingfa aluminum doors and bridge aluminum doors. On the other hand, steel core plastic doors are not too durable as they are easily discolored by temperature and time. However, in return, it is a fairly cheap door

You can use steel core plastic doors for soundproof doors for studios, soundproof doors for karaoke rooms or soundproof doors for bars, etc. However, you should choose the glass of 8-9-5 tempered box, or 8.38-9-5. Its purpose is to improve the level of sound insulation and make it safer for users.

2. Outstanding advantages of soundproof steel core plastic doors

Insulating glass door is now becoming more and more popular. It is widely used in hotels, schools, resorts and companies, etc. It is often used as the main door of a building to add to the aesthetics of the building.

Outstanding advantages of soundproof steel core plastic doors

Outstanding advantages of sound-proof steel core plastic doors

In addition, the glass door is well designed but hardly has a lot of texture. Thus, helping you to maintain and clean the door easily and quickly.

3. Some considerations when installing soundproof doors

– Acoustic glass doors or box glass. And it is produced on modern, closed European technical lines. And it guarantees good sound and heat insulation. Especially for regions with hot and humid climate. In the process of using this type of acoustic glass doors, you can save costs. On the other hand, the durability of this type of door is very high, so it will rarely cost money to repair.

Corrosion resistant. This is because the glass door frame is designed with 2 very special layers. And there are additives to resist the corrosion of the environment.

-This type of door is very durable and it will not warp or crack. Because the main material used for manufacturing is tempered glass. It is toughened at a very high temperature of about 700 degrees Celsius and then suddenly cooled. As a result, it has very good resistance to strong impacts. It is also able to withstand high temperatures.

-When the glass door is exposed to sudden changes in temperature, it does not deform. On the other hand, it does not change color over time; has good sound and heat insulation. Therefore, it can help you save energy. 4.

4. Collection of beautiful soundproof door models

There are many models of soundproof doors in the market. adoor will recommend you beautiful models of soundproof doors. Give a bright and luxurious look to the house and protect your family from noise and dust.


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