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Today’s Most Popular Face Whitening Cream

Owning a bright white skin, even color is always the desire of any woman, including myself. That helps me become more confident in communication and life. One of the solutions that I appreciate is the use of whitening cream. What are the good face whitening creams? Let’s find out in detail below.

What is skin whitening cream?

Skin whitening cream is a cream-based product applied to the face that helps to add nutrients such as vitamins E, C, Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, lycolic Acid, … to help whiten skin, clean skin, replenish moisture on the skin and condition Treatment of hyperpigmentation problems on the skin such as melasma, scars, freckles, …

There are many types of face cream on the market today, if you lack knowledge, it is easy to buy mixed cream. Even if you have knowledge, it is easy for you to buy fake goods and fake goods of big brands because the current counterfeiting technology is very sophisticated.

According to Dr. Le Huu Doanh (Deputy Director of the Central Dermatology Hospital), scientifically, any homemade formula of mixing cream and lotion applied on the skin is completely wrong. To create lotion or skin gel formulations, scientists must conduct long-term research into ingredients, their combinations, and interactions. “When creating a product, it is necessary to first test it on animals, and then do clinical trials on humans. Only when there are good results will the product be recognized and sold on the market, “said the expert.

Depending on your situation, you should choose the right products for you, for example:

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If you are 16-20 years old: your skin is healthy and elastic, but it is puberty, so it is easy to develop acne on your skin. Therefore, you should use skin whitening creams such as gels, lotions, emulsions and other light creams made from benign ingredients derived from nature.

If you are 21-35 years old: then you can already use most of the skin whitening creams available in the market. However, you should choose products that contain additional anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin E and vitamin C to make your skin more elastic and supple.

When entering the 36-50 stage: your skin will age, sag and your body will produce less collagen to nourish your skin, so you should choose an anti-aging cream product. Facial skin care products contain brightening ingredients to help smooth and rejuvenate the skin.

Top 10 Best and Most Effective Facial Whitening Creams Today

With the great uses mentioned above, facial whitening creams are a great choice for me and many other women. However, finding a suitable and high quality product is not easy.

There are many different brands of facial whitening creams on the market today. Here are a few popular and excellent products that I have experienced with real reviews. You can inquire about them!

1. V7 Toning Light Dr Jart Korean Skin Whitening Cream

V7 Toning Light Cream is a skincare product by Dr. Jart+, which is famous in Korea. The product is produced on a modern technology line based on the research of two of the world’s leading cosmetic technologies, namely Korean and American technologies.

According to a survey of 3,000 women who tried V7 lotion, 85% were satisfied with the product as well as its price.

Ingredients of V7 Toning Light Whitening Cream

The Extreme Beauty ingredient list is a combination of seven vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin E, vitamin F and H.

In addition, the cream is formulated with natural extracts that have beautifying, cleansing and intensive whitening effects for our skin.

The cream is also enriched with snail extract, green tea extract and seaweed to enhance the whitening effect of the product.

Niacinamide: Helps to enhance whitening ability and soothe sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: Helps boost moisture and helps keep skin plump and smooth throughout the day.

When you apply the cream, you will see a slight white color and after 1 month of regular cream use, you will feel your skin is white and pink.

This cream also helps regenerate and restore fragile skin, skin damaged by corticosteroids or damaged skin after rolling needles.

Uses and feelings after using V7 Toning Light Therapy Cream

When applied to the skin, the V7 Toning Cream forms a protective film that helps to avoid the effects of the environment and the sun (UVA, UVB rays).

In addition, according to many women after the age of 30, the use of V7 cream also helps prevent aging and pigmentation and freckles fade without the need for more specialized melasma creams.

The cream is creamy white, soft and smooth like yogurt, but absorbs very quickly and does not cause a greasy feeling. When applied, it does not cause irritation even to sensitive skin. It can be used instead of a very good base cream.

Cons of V7 Cream. Although the cream is soft and smooth and absorbs quickly, it is still a thick line of cream, so it can still cause clogged pores at a certain angle. Those with oily or acne-prone skin should not use this and use a good moisturizing line such as the Varihope cream above. The ingredient also has some fragrances and is not suitable for sensitive skin

Market price ranges from VND300,000/15ml box and VND750,000/50ml box

To buy Korean V7 whitening cream, you can ask your acquaintances to buy it directly from Korean cosmetic stores or order it from Korean cosmetic websites and pharmacies.

This cream is now much counterfeited and very delicate, so if you are not careful, it is easy to buy fake products.

2. Varihope 8-Day Pure Vitamin C Cream 7%

The first facial whitening cream I want to introduce to you today is Varihope 8-Day Pure Vitamin C Cream 7%. This is an outstanding product of Vari:Hope brand – Korea and the most talked about product today.

“Since its launch, VariHope 8-Day Pure Vitamin C Whitening Cream has been recognized as the world’s first product to help whiten skin in 8 days using only pure vitamin C ingredients. (Verified by three leading clinical institutions in Korea)

First, I will comment on the packaging of the product.Vari:Hope Facial Whitening Cream has a capacity of 50ml and the pump head makes it easier and more economical to take the cream. The design is beautiful and simple.

The ingredients of this Varihope Vitamin C When I received the shipment, I immediately checked the results and the ingredients list. In Vari: Hope Cream contains up to 7% pure vitamin C, which gives the product a strong antioxidant power. In addition, Varihope 8-Day Brightening Cream contains Glutathione, Advanced Alpha-Bisabolol, Beta-Glucan to soothe and restore the skin, Pant

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